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Applying For a 0% Intro Rate Credit Card

When it comes to credit cards, the reward credit cards are usually much more popular because more often than not, consumers are dazzled by the concept of earning points and winning prizes for themselves just by using their credit cards. But you see, that’s simply considering one side of reward credit cards – and that’s the nice side, by the way. The other side would be the high interest rates that reward type of credit cards charge its users. So you see, you’re not winning those prizes for free – or at least not completely – unless you have the means to pay for your purchases before the cut-off period or before you get charged with interest.

This article, however, shall enlighten consumers about the less popular type of credit card and that would be the non-reward credit card. A non-reward credit card does not allow you to earn air miles or win gift certificates and other cool prizes for yourself just by swiping your credit card as often as you can. Rather, a non-reward credit card lets you purchase everything you want with a lower interest rate compared to reward type of credit cards.

Of all non-reward credit cards being offered in the market, it’s the 0% intro rate credit card that creates the most buzz because of two magic words – zero percent! And that’s right – credit card companies kid you not with their zero percent interest rate offer! But of course, that’s not all there is to it. Though we have nothing against 0% intro rate credit cards, we do suggest that you apply for a 0% intro rate credit card only when it’s the type of credit card that would best suit your needs.

A 0% intro rate credit card would be most suitable to a type of user who can not afford high interest rates like what’s being charged by reward credit cards, that’s for sure. Secondly, a 0% intro rate credit card would also be most suitable to someone who has pressing needs to buy or acquire something but has not enough money to go through with the purchase. Because of their very situation, having a 0% intro rate credit card would be of most help since even with the required monthly payments, they still wouldn’t pay as much as they would with other types of credit cards.

Of course, all good things must come to an end and a 0% intro rate credit card is unfortunately no way different. As it is only an introduction rate, once the time allotted for it elapses, you shall revert to paying for normal interest rates.

But that’s a long time coming and you don’t have to worry about that yet. What’s important is to be able to buy what you need and applying for a 0% intro rate credit card is the key!